About The Famous Curry Bazaar


At The Famous Curry Bazaar, a traditional clay oven is rolled out for almost every other dish. The tandoori selection is marinated in fresh spices and yoghurt, grilled over charcoal and then served with a cooling salad. The meat, fish and vegetables in the masala curries are also cooked in the clay oven but thickened with a fresh cream. Diners should note that it's well worth casting their eyes over the chef's specials menu at The Famous Curry Bazaar. Mango chicken is for those with a sweeter tooth, while duck tikka bhuna makes the most of succulent duck breast. Bangladeshi dishes like fragrant shatkoras and seafood shasuk bhijnas.are also on the menu.

The extras are more than live up to expectations. The garlic naans are fluffy and full of flavour and the kulfi desserts provide a sweet finish. It's a little wonder that The Famous Curry Bazaar is regular with Londoners and celebrities alike.

  • The Best Restaurant in Brick Lane
  • We Are Famous For A Reason
  • Visited by Peter Sissons (News Reader), Jannie and Bismark Du Plessis (South African Rugby Players), Peter Barlow (Coronation Street) and Irvine Welsh (Author). Why Don't You Join Them?
  • We Specialize in Indian and Bangladeshi Food


Established in 1996. One of the oldest Indian restaurants in Brick Lane. We welcome you.

Meet The Business Owner: Rashel A

Well, where shall I start? I'm probably the youngest boss in Brick Lane or actually the whole Indian business. Not because it's a family business but because I actually do run the place. I started working when I was 17 and that was in 2007. I'm learning the trade as well as running it and so I'm proud of that. I hope you all try with us and make this a better and more successful business. Thank you.